NEWS - 9th February, 2017

Race complete. Results available.

The NCF Federation met on the 7th February and discussed the Rota -Virus. The decision to monitor the situation closely and provide reports. The 2017 race program is still in place and decisions will be made as updated information is available. Members are advised to adopt the strictest bio security measures and not to mix our birds. Members in close proximity are encouraged to exercise their birds at different times ....................................................................................................................The Next Federation meeting will be held at Cessnock Clubrooms on Tuesday 7th march.

Latest information on Rota-virus to NCF Membership

2nd March


17th February

This link also confirms an outbreak in Queensland


6th February

30th January

Update from Colin Walker

 Update from Colin Walker. 30th Jandocx.pdf


25th January.

Latest release from ANRPB.

Includes a request for $20 to $25 levy on all Australian Pigeon keepers

24th January

Virus outbreak confirmed in Sydney.

An outbreak of the virus in the Sydney Metropolitan area has been confirmed by Dr Mark White a link to his posting below

Below is the link to Colin Walker's latest release.

 Below is a link to an email sent by Vet Rob Marshall

 Copy of email from Rob Marshall.pdf


9th January 2017.

Members of the NCF executive are involved in on going discussions with the ANRPB and VETS Rob Marshall and Colin Walker in an effort to get the most accurate information. It will not be posted here unless its is verified as accurate:

170106 ANRPB Press Release 6 Jan 2017 - Reo-virus.pdf

In an attempt to provide as much information to members as possible the links below is information provided by Dr Rob Marshall. It is not the role of the executive to endorse products mentioned in the articles. NCF members can make their own decisions on the use of medications.

Disease Outbreak Instructions Page 1 pdf

Disease Outbreak Instructions Page 2 pdf

Disease Outbreak Instructions Page 3 pdf

5th January 2017

The NCF will not be conducting any more Breeders plate sales for the racing season 2017. The young birds bred in the Riverina and surrounding regions for the sale will not be coming to the Hunter.

These decisions are being made by the NCF executive after discussions with Vets Rob Marshall and Colin Walker. We are also discussing the situation with the Australian National Racing Pigeon Board (ANRPB). Below is the link to their latest Press release.

170104 ANRPB Press Release 4 Jan 2017 - Reo-virus.pdf

The next Federation meeting will be the second stage of the AGM Lake Macquarie Clubrooms. 1st Tuesday in February.

20th December 2016

Report on NCF Response to the Adenovirus Outbreak

In response to concerns about reports of the spread of the Adenovirus into NSW, the Executive of the NCF called an extraordinary meeting of members. The meeting was held at the Lake macquarie clubrooms 9am 18th December.

Outcome of meeting

It is recommended that NCF members refrain from transporting pigeons in and out of the Hunter region until we can get a clearer picture of the situation. We are not making it mandatory to shut down but some members who have received birds from outside the region are choosing to do so.

Excerpts from the articles by Dr Rob Marshall were read out particularly the symptoms.

the link below directs you to these articles.

Members are encouraged to read these articles and make themselves familiar with the symptoms.

If you have any concerns contact Tony Davis or Stan Rippon.

Next Federation Meeting

Next Federation Meeting is the 2nd part of the AGM It's to be held at the Lake Macquarie Clubrooms on the 1st Tuesday evening of February. 

Agenda items must be forwarded to the secretary prior to the meeting

Agenda part 1 2016 Adamstown.pdf

Proposed schedules below

2017 North proposed Fed TF - Copy.pdf

2017 North proposed Fed PE - Copy.pdf

2017 North proposed Fed TC.pdf

NCF Sprint Series
1 J. Banfield 37
2 A. Limeburner 44
3 P.Bettens 88
4 Fleming & Fairfax 92
5 M & R.Clement 109
6 C.& J Newton 120
7 Condran & Brandobur 128
8 R. Wesche 129
9 M. Hawkins 145
10 W.Scherbak 170
5 Bird Championship
1 Fleming & Fairfax 142
2 W.Scherbak 179
3 M & R.Clement 188
4 J. Banfield 204
5 Condran & Brandobur 213
6 M. Hawkins 229
7 T&L.Davis 235
8 A. Limeburner 255
9 P.Bettens 259
10 S. Rippon 260
NCF Mid Distance Series
1 M & R.Clement 51
2 Condran & Brandobur 83
3 MV&S.Jones/Fox/Cadogan 92
4 M&D.Watt 97
5 Fleming & Fairfax 100
6 W.Scherbak 115
7 L.Johnston 139
8 W & Z Pickard 149
9 P.Edman 155
10 C.& J Newton 159
5 Bird Sprint Series
1 J. Banfield 30
2 A. Limeburner 36
3 P.Bettens 62
4 Fleming & Fairfax 68
5 M. Hawkins 87
6 C.& J Newton 91
7 M & R.Clement 94
8 A. Walker 98
9 T&L.Davis 102
10 W.Scherbak 111
Federation Junior Champoinship
1 Jonesy Kids 97
2 Condran Kids 98
3 Bramble Kids 170
4 Harry Andrews 175
5 Noah Adam 201
6 Garland Kids 211
7 Ralston Boys 222
7 Herival Kids 222
9 Olivia Hawkins 247
10 Conway Boys 280