Scone - 18th May, 2019

Birds were liberated at 11:00am

Lib Temp: 18 degrees Wind Direction: S Speed: 7Km UV: Magnometer Green
Welcome to season 2019

Race Updates

Saturday 18th May 2019 8:02AM
Transporter arrived at liberation point at 12.15am.. 41 flyers contributed 832 birds plus 129 Surplus. 58 baskets.
Saturday 18th May 2019 8:02AM
There is no federation toss tomorrow. there was only 20 baskets nominated.

Weather Report

Newcastle area: Sunny ...Chance of any rain: 10% chance of a shower in the morning. Sunny afternoon. Light winds. Winds SSW early less than 10Km then SSE later in the day. less than 10Km

Liberation Report

Birds liberated at 11am. Perfect liberation (probably reflected in the amount of older birds entered). Kitted up immediately. Left in ESE direction and out of sight inside 2 minutes.

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Magnetometer up till 26/5/19 

Magnetometer Predictions.pdf

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